Rider Rewards

Join the city cycling revolution and earn rewards whilst you ride

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How it works!

Ride a BTN BikeShare Bike for 30 minutes or more

Ride a BTN BikeShare Bike for 30 minutes or more

Receive a unique Wriggle promo code to your phone

Receive a unique Wriggle promo code to your phone

Claim your reward

Claim your reward


How do I sign up?

Download the Social Bicycles mobile app for iPhone or Android and cycle for more than 30 minutes to receive your exclusive Rider Rewards.

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Free Life Water Can For Every Rider

After 30 minutes of cycling you’ll receive a unique promo code to add to the Wriggle app. Then simply click on the button below to claim your can.

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Who are Life Water?

Life Natural Spring Water is the British water brand, with a conscience. Life Water is excited to introduce you to the new #LifeWaterCan - the UK’s first zero plastic alternative to bottled water. It is BPA free, plastic free water, made from recycled aluminium! It has been voted the world's Best Water Drink 2018 and is supported by Greenpeace, Glastonbury Festival and The BRIT Awards. On top of this, every time we sell a can, money is donated to clean water projects around the world. These projects are managed by our sister charity, drop4drop, as we fight to end the World Water Crisis.

Rider Rewards Hotspots

Click on the businesses or map below to claim your free can


Rider Rewards is a collaboration between BTN Bikeshare, Life Water and Wriggle to encourage cycling as means to explore the city in an eco-friendly way, whilst hydrating and supporting independent businesses along the way!


+ Is there a Rider Rewards account? Do I need to ‘sign up’ to Rider Rewards?

Nope! There is no need to sign up anywhere for a Rider Rewards account. You will need to have an account with BTN BikeShare.com (SoBi App) and a Wriggle account.

This means when you have cycled 30 minutes using BTN BikeShare, you can pop over to Wriggle and enter your code to redeem!

+ I already have a BTN BikeShare (SoBi App) account, will I receive a reward?

Yes! If you have already signed up to BTN BikeShare.com (SoBi App), you can just start straight away. Go for a cycle for 30 minutes and you will receive a unique Wriggle code to redeem your reward!

+ Will I receive a reward every time I cycle on a BTN BikeShare bike for 30 minutes?

At the moment, you will receive a notification each time you cycle on BTN BikeShare bike for 30 minutes but this reward code will be valid for 1 use only, once a week. This may increase as time goes on.

+ I’ve received the same code after a 30 minute cycle, can I use it again?

At the moment, you will receive 1 valid for one use per person, once a week. This code may come through each time you cycle 30 minutes in the same week, this is to make sure you have made use of your code and to also let you know you’ve done a great job cycling for 30 minutes. If you have already used it that week, you will have used your code for that week. Ride on a BTN BikeShare bike for another 30 minutes the following week to receive a new code as the Wriggle codes will be updated weekly.

+ Is the Life Water Can free with my reward code?

Yes! As long as you have cycled for 30 minutes on a BTN BikeShare bike and it’s your first time using the code in one given week.

+ If I receive a second code when I haven’t used my one from a previous week, will my previous code be valid?

No, your previous code will no longer be vaild. Update with your new code and you're good to go!

+ Can I use this in conjunction with any other wriggle promotions?

Yes you can!