We’re on a mission to make the world a greener place, and we need your help.

We want to aid the ban on single-use plastics and we need the support of local businesses and residents. The BYO Lunchbox scheme encourages customers to bring along their own lunch boxes to local eateries, cutting down on single-use takeaway packaging.

Participating eateries will have a sticker in their window letting passers-by know they can go in and fill up their lunchbox at ease.

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Our Mission

Every year, around 150 million tonnes of single-use plastic is produced, and more than 8 million tonnes of this is dumped into the sea. This needs to stop. The government recently launched a 25 year plan to improve the environment, including a forthcoming tax on plastics made with less than 30% recycled materials.

Let's stop tons of plastic waste from ending up in our seas. Together, we can make a change. Together, we can create a plastic-free revolution.

Who’s behind this?

The BYO Lunchbox Scheme is a collaboration between a growing collective of local cafes, restaurants, street food traders and Wriggle, a startup helping independent businesses to get the customers they deserve and reduce food waste.