Wriggle is an award-winning startup partnering with handpicked, independent food & drink businesses in Bristol, Brighton and Cardiff. We encourage people to discover great independent food & drink businesses in their city, and we help quality independents and hidden gems reach a new audience and attract new customers when they need them. The way Wriggle works is simple: we publish unique promotions for our partner businesses across our app and web platforms (examples here: Cardiff / Bristol / Brighton) and – by working behind the scenes to tastefully market, communicate and promote our partners' brands to an engaged local user base – we generate buzz for our partners, extend their peak times and, ultimately, deliver new paying customers.

  1. Through our highly-curated digital Guide to Independent Food and Drink. It's free for our customer audience to access, free for our handpicked partners to be featured on, and showcases the best of your business through engaging copy, great photos and accurate info;

  2. Through our discovery-based Wriggle Digital Magazine which frequently showcases our partner businesses. Written, photographed, edited and curated by Wriggle, it looks great, supports our partners' independent brands through great content and on-point subject matter, and engages our audience in independent food & drink discovery;

  3. Through our award-winning app and web based Wriggle Tech Platform. We agree unique promotions that showcase the great food, drink or – occasionally – performing arts of our partners (again, through engaging copy and strong photographic imagery). Each listing features a special reduced price (usually between 30 – 50% off the original price) and are created with your business' needs in mind – meaning that they are only available on specific days at a specific time, and with a limited amount of available covers per day. Because our customers trust the Wriggle brand and know that we curate listings to guarantee a quality experience, they pay through the app in advance. They then turn up at your business on the correct day and between the specified times and show a unique code to redeem their purchase (often buying extra items over the till when they arrive). Each code is emailed to your business when the customer purchases, so it's easy to check and verify each code when the customer arrives.


Our cover fees and Wriggle Partner Subscriptions have been priced affordably so that you can maintain favourable margins on food / drinks / events covers sold through Wriggle. Our pricing also means that you benefit from extensive marketing and promotion to a targeted demographic, but for the fraction of the cost associated with PR or Marketing Agencies. 

Cover Fee:

Our Standard Cover Fee is 15% of the offer value + a fixed 20p payment processing fee per cover sold (+ VAT). In addition to the value created by Wriggle (generating increased custom when you need it / communicating customer feedback and sales analysis back to your business when requested), our social media, email and digital marketing activities create important brand awareness for your business. 


We’ve designed Wriggle to be a flexible, ongoing solution for our independent partners. There isn’t currently a monthly or annual subscription cost in Cardiff or Brighton, so early-adopters get even more value from the platform and guide. Introduction of monthly or annual subscriptions into a Wriggle City will be reviewed on a quarterly basis, and discussed accordingly with Wriggle's partner businesses. 

Owing to our extensive local audience base in Bristol, partners here pay £20 (+VAT) per calendar month to access the Wriggle platform and immediately benefit from our extensive range of services. 


All Wriggle promotions are unique. The same promotion (i.e. content, price, time etc) will not be obtainable in-house or for a better purchase price through other services / platforms outside of Wriggle. The exclusivity of our promotions is key to fully engaging our Wriggle audience in your independent offering.

Visit our promotions page for an idea about what info we need to create a promotion for you, and check out our website to see what other businesses are doing. We're always happy to consult on how to create great promotions on Wriggle. 


Promotions listed on Wriggle must usually be available for less than or equal to 70% of the original price. Lesser price reductions are possible, but should be agreed with Wriggle on a case-by-case basis. 


The Wriggle platform informs Wrigglers / Potential Customers when there are 5 covers left (this encourages spontaneous purchasing and emphasises the popularity of our partner venues). There is no maximum cover limit per promotion / listing.


Wriggle requires a selection (ideally 5, but the more the merrier) of high-quality photos which showcase your food / drink / event offering for when we come to promote a promotion. These can also be used on your Wriggle Guide profile. Hi-res images are strongly preferred. We cannot feature low-resolution images. 

Presentation and aesthetic is key to our offering. Wriggle welcomes photos from our partner establishments, but we are also able to offer professional photography packages for businesses. Please email hello@getawriggleon.com for more information about this service, or view our photo package page.


Customers pay electronically over the Wriggle App or Website, and Wriggle's payment processing partner is STRIPE. Stripe is a reliable and highly secure way to accept payments online and through mobile apps, meaning that Wriggle is able to ensure that all promotion-transactions are cashless. Stripe keeps track of transactions completed through Wriggle, and automatically wires your funds directly to your nominated bank account after 1 week (payment frequency can be altered to suit business' needs). Wriggle follows up with a monthly VAT invoice for your business' financial reporting purposes and also provides a separate itemised sales report each month for your reference. 


Wriggle automatically sends our partners a detailed itemised sales report on the 1st of each month (covering the previous month's sales). A monthly VAT invoice is also sent out to our businesses so, if they wish, they can claim VAT back from the cost of sales through Wriggle. All relevant financial documentation is downloadable from the Wriggle Partner Dashboard


Please look at our Quick Till Guide for information regarding setting Wriggle up on your EPOS till system.