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“The BYO Lunchbox campaign is a great initiative shown by a local business and I urge all Brighton businesses and residents to get involved. By doing something as simple as taking along your own lunchbox you could help to reduce the amount of single-use waste ending up in our oceans. This exciting project takes Brighton one step closer to becoming a plastic-free city.”

- Caroline Lucas, Brighton’s Green Party MP

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“We are absolutely thrilled to see more businesses raising awareness of plastic pollution and offering practical solutions. Just like the Refill scheme, the BYO Lunchbox project is a simple and cost-effective way of saving businesses money, reducing single-use waste and encouraging people to take a few easy steps to become more environmentally friendly. We can’t wait to see the project roll-out and look forward to seeing the message spread to more UK cities.”

- Natalie Fee, Bristol’s Woman of the Year and founder of City to Sea who run the Refill campaign

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“It’s wonderful to see a local business taking action on the plastic pollution crisis and encouraging others to reconsider their buying habits. I strongly urge all Bristol based businesses and residents to get involved in the BYO Lunchbox campaign - it’s such an easy way to cut down on the amount of single-use waste ending up in our oceans. Let's help Bristol lead the way and become the UK's first plastic-free city.”

- Thangam Debbonaire, Bristol’s Labour Party MP