Introducing the Wriggle Refund Policy – a basic set of rules to solve avoidable problems for customers related to ‘process’.

Why? To convert unhappy customers into ‘evangelists’ for both Wriggle and, more importantly, your business. Happy customers will return outside of Wriggle hours – and will recommend your business to friends – whereas unhappy ones won’t!

How? If a customer is let down in the following ways, they should be offered either complementary food or drink (depending on the severity of the case) upon an invitation to return – subsidised by either Wriggle or yourselves depending on the scenario according to the following guidelines:

Partner Liability Examples

  • You're not open at the listed times and you hadn't notified Wriggle about this;
  • You didn't provide the listed-product either due to a mistake in service, or because you had run out of stock (without notifying Wriggle);
  • You provided an incorrect "reduced-from" price and a customer complained to us about an the incorrect listing. (We need to take this seriously due to Mis-selling guidelines);
  • Your staff did not understand how Wriggle works and this resulted in the customer being overcharged or significantly inconvenienced.

When this happens, we will be in touch to ask what you would like to offer the customer, and will manage communication with that customer.

Wriggle Liability Examples

  • We incorrectly listed the offer, either at the wrong hours or on a day when you'd already notified us not to list;
  • Incorrect price or description of listing. You correctly gave us the price and description of the listing, but we'd written it up incorrectly.


We won’t expect concessions from you in the case of a customer complaint about food or service - that’s up to you. We’ll discretely share feedback with you, so that it doesn’t have to be public or remain unresolved. We’re on your side - and understand that some customers like to complain unfairly.


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