What's all this then?

As part of our commitment to helping you integrate Wriggle with your business’ POS system in a hassle-free manner, we sat with Bristol’s Better Food Company (a partner transacting through Wriggle across their outlets in Clifton, Whapping Wharf and St. Werburghs) to create a quick-and-easy guide to setting up Wriggle offers on your system and redeeming Wriggle offers through POS.

Please note, Better Food Company’s POS process may differ slightly from yours depending on which system you use - however, we believe the general process applies to all systems. If you have any questions, please get in touch and we will be on hand to assist.



1. Make sure you have access to the key information about the Wriggle offers you wish to add to the POS system. This will usually include:

  • Offer Title / Primary Offer Content;
  • Price on Wriggle (if a coffee is being sold for £1 on Wriggle then this is the price you should be ready to enter on POS. Do not enter the "full price" or "in-house price" as a "Wriggle Coffee" is a different product than a "Coffee" not sold through Wriggle).

2. Access the main POS screen used by Front of House staff. Sometimes referred to as your "Quick Menu" or "Home Page".

3. Create a specific button for Wriggle which will sit alongside the other primary product-category buttons on this screen.

  • Name the Wriggle button clearly: "Wriggle", for example.

4. Click into the "Wriggle" Button. This area is where you will create separate buttons for each of your Wriggle Offers.

5. In the "Wriggle" area, create a separate button for each Wriggle Offer (as you would for each product, menu item or service provided).

  • Clearly name each individual listing (i.e. £1 Wriggle Coffee);
  • Input the price the item is sold for on Wriggle.


1. When the Wriggle customer arrives, check their code against the booking confirmation code sent to you via email;

2. When you have verified the code, tap "Wriggle" in the Quick Menu and then tap the relevant Wriggle Offer button i.e. "£1 Wriggle Coffee";

3. If there is the option to enter a note after tapping the relevant Wriggle Offer, enter the customer's unique 5-digit Wriggle Code for reporting purposes (i.e. 7R54Q);

4. If the customer wishes to purchase something else (i.e. an extra drink, a starter, a dessert) then go back to the quick menu and select the relevant product in the usual manner.

5. When the customer wishes to pay, you will need to undertake a split payment:

a) Select the Wriggle deal i.e. "£1 Wriggle Coffee";

b) Mark the Wriggle Deal as pre-paid (payment has already been taken for this item through the Wriggle platform, so no payment is required for this item);

c) The value of the Wriggle Deal item will be deducted from the bill, leaving an outstanding amount left to pay;

d) Proceed to ask the customer how they wish to pay for the remainder of the bill;

e) Accept payment in the usual manner (case, card, cheque etc).



Finance and back-office functions are advise to undertake month-end reconciliation from the previous month's Wriggle transactions.

Wriggle sends through the following documentation to our partners on the 1st of each month for financial, reporting and operational purposes:

1. Wriggle Activity Report – a monthly itemised report of sales through Wriggle the preceding month, detailing:

a) Transaction Date

b) Offer Name / Description

c) Wriggle Code

d) Quantity sold per transaction

e) Itemised and total amount paid via Wriggle

f) Itemised and total fees deducted by Wriggle

g) Itemised and total revenue transferred to your company

N.B. This is an itemised sales report, not a record of payment. Due to 7-day payment window (or monthly if you have chosen this), the payments will not be received in your bank account in the same window. Therefore you should use this report as an indication of performance, rather than to reconcile receipts.

2. Wriggle VAT Invoice – a document itemising:

a) Total monthly sales

b) Total monthly fees (cost of sales) on transactions completed via Wriggle

c) Total monthly VAT on cost of sales (which you can claim back if VAT registered)

N.B. Payment for this invoice has already been deducted by Wriggle at source. This is for your own purposes to claim back VAT.